What’s In A Name?

It’s very trendy today for Churches to abandon “churchy” sounding names in favor of something that somebody thinks is “vogue” or “relevant.”  While we applaud any congregation’s effort to connect with people, we’d like to say a bit about our “old school” name.

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church—the name says a great deal about us.  We are a congregation that gathers to worship Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  We believe that when Jesus calls himself our Shepherd, he is giving us an important clue as to our relationship—he leads, we follow.  At the very edge of the Rocky Mountains, we focus on the Shepherd of the Hills.

We are Lutheran—we come from a background that is grace-filled, inclusive and gospel-oriented.  We value the foundations of our Church even as we anticipate the future.  We have our roots in Martin Luther, a man who challenged the status-quo religiosity of his day, by pounding the famous “95 Theses” on the door to castle church in Wittenburg, Germany, nearly 500 years ago.  He wanted us to focus on his four “Alones”—Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Word Alone and Christ Alone.  And a fifth one is like it: To God Alone be the Glory.

Yeah, he’s old, but Luther’s pretty cool, too.

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